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Jiashan Jingxuan Metal Products Co.,Ltd strut clamp,loop hanger,channel clamp,pipe clamp
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Name: Sean
Tel: +86-573-84899058
Fax: +86-573-84899466
Mobile: +86-13819350240
E-mail: sean@www.raoolkin.com
Add: 168# Xiangsheng Indusrtial Park,Taozhuang Town,Jiashan City,Zhejiang Province,China.
QQ: 86828516

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     Jiashan Jingxuan Metal Products CO.,LTD(Jiashan Huaya Hardware Manufacturer )is located in Hang-Jia-Hu Area, only 80km away from Shanghai and Hangzhou. We are near Ningbo and Suzhou. Such a superior location will help us to develop our business better.
We have rich experience in producing following items: 
1.Pipe Clamp:Loop Hanger,Sprinkler Clamp,One Hole Strap,Two Hole Strap,Conduit Hanger,Pipe Hangers,(Rigid&EMT);
2.Strut Channel fitting:Strut Clamp,Strut Products & Accessories,;
3. Fastener: Flat Washers (DIN125A/B, DIN9021, SAE,USS,DIN126,,F436......).
4. Hardware products:Metal Stamping....
Your contact information will be highly appreciated. To believe and trust each other, you can get the best service at any time from us



QQ: 86828516